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The church of Christ on West Good Avenue began in Wadsworth on August 21, 1955 with fifteen people. Among the charter members were Mr. & Mrs. Avery Guthrey, Mr. & Mrs. Glenn Martin, Mr. & Mrs. R.L. Thomas and Mr. & Mrs. Charles Guttermuth, Jr.

With the support from the church in Kenmore, the congregation met in the hall at 136 1/2 Main Street in downtown Wadsworth. They met in a rented hall in the I.O.O.F. Building above what was the Ben Franklin Store. At the beginning, various men took turns in the pulpit: Clyde Brannon, Wallace (Brown Street), Dyson, Youngblood, Wiseman, Dean Martin, Gary Turner, Charles Guttermuth, Jr., Gene Guy, George W. Smith and others.

The congregation grew and plans were made to obtain a more permanent location for the church to meet. In July 1956, the congregation purchased a house and property at 236 West Good Avenue. Due to the financial support and growth of the congregation, the property was completely paid for in October 1960. The church continued to meet on Main Street as plans were made to break ground for a new meetinghouse on West Good Avenue. The congregation broke ground on the new property on April 20, 1963. With the work of those within the congregation and help from others, the new building was completed by November 17, 1963.

Early church building on West Good Avenue (notice parsonage on left)

The congregation was continually blessed by the Lord with growth to the point that new classrooms were needed. Plans were made to remodel the existing facility plus an addition for needed classrooms. The construction began during the summer of 1982 and included the removal of the original house which was adjacent to the meetinghouse. The 5,760 square foot addition provided 10 classrooms, conference room, fellowship room, full kitchen, and two additional restrooms.

Church building as it appears today

Several men have served this congregation as elders and have overseen the work including:
Clare Blough
Wayne Brown
Don R. Cooper
Avery Guthery
R. Ed Murdock
Doug A. Pell
C. Virgil Roth
John D. White, Sr.

Wadsworth has worked to help train young men through the West Virginia School of Preaching and Bear Valley Bible Institute. Also, the congregation has employed ministers part-time for further training who have gone onto full-time ministry such as Mike Madden. The congregation has been blessed with several full-time ministers over the years including:
William Beck (1956-1957)
John Ford (1958-1960)
John Gladwell (1960-1965)
Jim Duty (1965-1968)
Jerry Wyant (1968)
Jim Mowder (1969-1977)
Rob Albright (1977-1983)
John D. White, Sr. (1983-1985)
Don R. Cooper (1985-2005)
Robert Barcroft (2005-2010)
David R. Kenney (2010 - present)


Compiled from prior church directories, records and interviews. Special appreciation to Joyce Norris, Helen Doyle, Jessie Madden, Dale Roth and others for providing materials and research for this historical perspective.

Eleanor Iler Schapiro, “The Church of Christ,” Wadsworth Heritage, Wadsworth, OH: The Wadsworth News-Banner, 1964, p. 345.

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